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Restaurant Delivery Software

Providing end-to-end value with this complete online ordering system with delivery integrations

Draw your own delivery area, no matter how big or small

Get started, by enabling delivery & setting tiny delivery zones.

With our delivery configuration tool, you can actually draw the delivery zone you want to service & adjust it along the way.

You control how far you want to go.

Use the Delivery Heatmaps to go where your clients are

Do you know where your high paying customers are? Use the Delivery heatmaps to find out.
The brighter the color, the bigger the sales potential of an area.
With their help, you can fully optimize your operations, by:

  • Delivering flyers to business/residential buildings, in highly lucrative areas
  • Increasing profits by delivering more to the high-order-value areas
  • Setting up a minimum order value for low-value areas

Attract new customers & increase cart value with free delivery promos

Increase your customers’ cart value by offering them free delivery for minimum value orders or first-time customers.

It’s the best way to engage with more customers & persuade them to spend more money on food.

Online ordering system with integrated restaurant delivery software

Close the fulfillment cycle of your business, by using a complete online ordering and restaurant delivery software.

With our order-tracking integrations, it’s easier than ever to improve your performance & expand your business with delivery options.

One FREE month full access!

Please notice that optional PREMIUM services are not included in this free period