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How can I delete orders or clients?
Manage online orders FAQ section:
How can I delete orders or clients?

Some orders were accepted but then we had to cancel them.

Our system allows restaurant to create test orders in several cases: 

– from the administration panel >> “Menu setup & receive orders” >> “Menu setup” >>  “Preview” button

– from the “Marketing” section >> “Your promotions” >> “Preview” button

– from the order taking app >> “Test order” option

Such test orders do no register in the reports, and except for the test orders made from the order taking app, they are also not pushed to the app, no email confirmations are triggered etc. 

However, if the restaurants performs some end-to-end tests from the menu published in a website, Facebook page or app, these are considered as real orders by the system and will behave as an order from a real client. 

The system doesn’t allow deletion of any historical records, be it orders or clients – this is a basic principle for any billing/invoicing software.

But we might add in the future something to maybe “mark” an order a test/canceled order and then move it to some “archive” state but a bit later. We have no road-map deadline for it since it is rarely requested today.