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Online Ordering For Takeaway

Restaurant takeaway software with outback curbside pickup options & more

No-contact Delivery & Minimum Exposure Pickup Options

As the Coronavirus pandemic escalates, customers want to drastically reduce their exposure to the outside world.

Enabling no-contact deliveries & minimum exposure pickups is a great way to keep everyone safe from the epidemic.

Accept Tips With Online Payments & Stay Away From Cash

Accepting online tips for payments made by card or Paypal, is a great way to keep your staff & customers from touching cash.

How to Take Your First Takeaway Order Within Minutes

  1. Create an account with us
  2. Enable your clients to order takeaway, by adding the ordering widget on your website
  3. Download our free order taking app to accept incoming orders
One FREE month full access!

Please notice that optional PREMIUM services are not included in this free period