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Choose the cuisine type or add a new cuisine
Setting up the menu FAQ section:
Choose the cuisine type or add a new cuisine

The Cuisine selector is found in the “Restaurant basics” section. Like this:

Click on any pre-defined cuisine to select it, and use the “Show more” link to see other options.

If a specific cuisine type is not found, go to the end of the cuisines list and add it there, like this:

In this case, it is not possible to load a picture for the custom cuisine type, but this is not needed. The final menu/client view is not affected nor dependent on such picture.

The pictures on cuisine types mark the fact that we analyzed that type of cuisine and we have a photo stock for its main menu categories that will be auto filled when creating a category entry in the food menu, later on in the setup.

From time to time we look at the cuisines added by restaurants and if a certain keyword is frequent, we load it into the mainstream list by associating a photo-stock library that can be used to “spice-up” its main food categories, themes, ordering end-screen, etc.


At any level you can replace our photo-stock pictures with your own.

On dish level, we don’t make any photo suggestion. It is highly recommended when showcasing specific dishes to use the restaurant’s authentic photos or no dish pictures at all.


In conclusion, when adding a new / “other” cuisine category, the restaurant won’t have relevant photo suggestions form us and will have to use their own food pictures.