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Convenience fee or surcharge
Setting up the menu FAQ section:
Convenience fee or surcharge

We do not recommend overcrowding the final check-out screen with extra fees and surcharges as in this step it might confuse the food clients and drive them away. Therefore, we do not support (nor plan to have) such feature.

There are several other ways of including such fee:

  • increase the delivery fee
  • increase the minimum order value
  • activate the online payments and kindly suggest an online tip value (or charge offline and prompt for a tip on the offline payment moment)
  • increase the prices in the menu (e.g. on most ordered items) etc.

If it is mandatory that the fee is included separately, there are some other options:

  • if the convenience fee is a fixed percentage add it on top of the sales tax and change the sales tax description field into “sales tax x% + convenience fee y%”. Like this: 
  • if the convenience fee is a fixe value per item or category of items, define in the menu editor a mandatory add-on group called “convenience fee” having one topping already preselected and called “extra-charge on this item” with a specified $ value.