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Connectivity reports and issues handling
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Connectivity reports and issues handling

How can I see if there are connectivity issues on a restaurant? How do i solve it?

Whether a restaurant has good or bad connectivity should be viewed here: “Reports” -> “Extended” -> “Connectivity health”.

Anyway what you see in the connectivity health section is the situation in the past, at least one hour earlier. So you may be with the app online but you still do not see it in the connectivity health registered online yet. Look always for the hours of events by hovering with the mouse over the troubled time-span.

To see the real-time/ last-minute situation look at the order-taking app section .There you can also see which is the device that successfully connected last time for taking orders on a particular restaurant account and how long ago : 

Please note that when a venue is closed we don’t keep a constant connection, only during opening hours open and this is why the “Connectivity health” is a better indicator than looking at the “App installation”.

Make sure restaurant staff understand the underlining condition of being logged into the order-taking app and having the order-taking device connected at all times to internet via WiFi and/or Mobile data plan.

For best results (especially on iOS devices), they should keep the order-taking app always on forefront screen and the order-taking device plugged into a charger.

Also check if iTunes / Google Play services are up to date by looking in the appstore, like here: 

However if there is a connection interrupt even after respecting all the indications above during the opening hours, tell us about it and we’ll try to investigate deeper.