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Are there reports available? How to export clients and orders?
Promotions and campaigns FAQ section:
Are there reports available? How to export clients and orders?

We know that analyzing your statistics is part of your road-map to success. Our easily digestible reporting features will provide the data to make informed decisions:

Head to Reports >> Essentials for last week’s highlights in terms or number of orders and reservations, sales value, website visitors and more. 

Also, part of the essential information, we show what happens to website visitors since they opened the page which includes the menu /reservation buttons in the Website funnel report. 

Find there the numbers, as well as comparisons with the average we calculate from all active restaurants using our solution, and contextual tips to help increase this number, as you hover over the numbers boxes.

In the Extended section, find data about Google ranking, number of orders and their value, statistics related to clients, the source of visits, the connectivity heath and where the orders come from.

The Google ranking report shows the performance of the top 3 keywords, as well as suggestions to help improve it. These point to actions the restaurant may take in the Online health section where we show possible improvements related to the restaurant website and the Google business profile.

The Website visits report tracks the pages of the website (as well as the Facebook page and the branded app) where the menu was published. What’s more important, you can see the sources of the website traffic and direct the marketing resources towards actions that generate more valuable traffic in terms of conversion (direct, organic search). 

The report Orders  looks at the number of orders received by the restaurant.  Look in Sales  for similar statistics based on the value of such orders.

Now the restaurant can see how many times were ordered or how much revenue the top performing items have generated. In Orders or Sales, select the filter parameter “Top performing items” and choose the time interval. Then simply hover over a certain day to see the values, or Download the report. 

Important: in this case, you can also download a report for All items, to see the detailed sales figures per item. 

Some important options were added to these reports: 

Custom interval – see how well your restaurant sales, for instance, performed between a specific set of dates.

Table or graph? – You may switch between these view options.

Export – You can export the numbers now and analyze them later on, when you find the time.

In List view, the restaurant may find the list with all its orders, and the list with all its clients. and export these as .csv or .pdf if needed. 

For Orders, the restaurant may choose between a Summary, showing total number of orders and total amount per payment method, or a detailed Custom view, which allows them to select the parameters they want included int he export.