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Optimizing the Google Business Listing
Promotions and campaigns FAQ section:
Optimizing the Google Business Listing

When trying to increase the sales of a restaurant, one important aspect is the visibility and ranking in Google of the restaurant website. The better the ranking, the easier it will be for food clients to find the restaurant when they search for it on Google. 

Which is why the Google business section was added to the restaurant administration panel:

Purpose of this section: when you have a verified Google Business listing with website links that points to your real website then you will get a better Google ranking. Furthermore it will bring more visitors to the restaurant website which can then convert to more sales.

As part of this process, we make sure that the restaurant information is the same across all platforms (Google business system and online ordering system) like this:

The following field are optimized:

  • Primary Category
  • Restaurant name
  • Restaurant address
  • Opening hours
  • Phone number
  • Website URL
  • Menu URL
  • Order URL

The aim of these optimizations is to generate more traffic for the restaurant website, thus bringing more visitors.

We ask the restaurant to approve our access to the restaurant listing (if they have one) and then update the data. In case they don’t have a listing we create it on their behalf.

In most cases the restaurant will receive a physical snail mail with a PIN code to their store location. They need to provide us the PIN.

In all cases,  the restaurant must give their consent for us to help them update and optimize the listing.

In theory all this can be done by the restaurant themselves. However we know that 95% don’t do it or at least not correctly, so we offer this service to help get more traffic to the restaurant’s website and thus generate more online orders.