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Getting listed in the shared mobile app Foodbooking
Publishing The Menu FAQ section:
Getting listed in the shared mobile app Foodbooking

The Foodbooking marketplace concept relies on an app that is downloaded and used by food clients coming from different sources, who just want to order food and receive a confirmation in real time.

It’s based on a curated list of restaurants that use our system. This means that there will be more restaurants from a certain city listed in the app – to a food client, the app will display all the available restaurants within a 10 km radius.

We do not approve test/demo restaurants, or restaurants with bad or incomplete menu content to confuse the clients. It can only be directly clean version, after a restaurant is really ready do to real business and is serious about it.

This is a free and optional participation program however we do not want to transform it into a bad quality program that food clients will eventually decide to uninstall because restaurants found in-there are not ready for business.

To apply for Foodbooking listing, go to the restaurant’s admin panel >> “Publishing” >> “Shared mobile app”, set it to “Yes” and then click on the “Next” button. Like this:

Publishing criteria

One important condition for a restaurant to be listed in Foodbooking is to also use our system with their existing clients over their website (or get a sales optimized website from us if they don’t have one).  This also involves using a website domain such as and not a subdomain like

The menu button should be in the main page, visible without scrolling.

The menu should be complete, and the pictures use should accurately describe the food.

The restaurant should have excellent connectivity of the order taking app (over 90% of the opening hours, for the past 7 days). This information is visible also in the restaurant’s reports, in admin panel >> “Reports” >> “Essentials” >> “Connectivity health”, like this:

If a restaurant’s application is not approved, we also list the reasons directly in the admin panel, like this:

Once all the listed issues are fixed, the restaurant can apply again.

What about a trial?

Foodbooking is a live system, with real restaurants that are ready to receive orders from real customers. We do not offer a trial option.

Are there any statistics about how many clients have downloaded the app?

There are reports about the number of orders received through each specific channel, including the Foodbooking app. Like this:

There are no reports however for the number of downloads. We don’t have this in our short/medium term roadmap.

Own app instead of being listed in the shared app Foodbooking

We offer a branded app service. Read about it here.