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SEO in the Sales Optimized Website
Publishing The Menu FAQ section:
SEO in the Sales Optimized Website

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a set of techniques that helps a website rank high in relevant search results. There is off-site and on-site SEO.

Off-site SEO:
This means links from other sites linking to a website (for example a link from Facebook, Google local or a someone mentioning the domain name in a forum or post somewhere).

On-site SEO:
– Good browser tab title
– Good H1 headline and good positioning
– Good H2 sub-headline and good positioning
– Keywords used on the page but not too much
– Super fast page load speed
– Mobile optimized view
– httpS certificate
– Usage of
– Image compression and correct naming of the alt-tag
– …. and probably a few more dozen factors…

Search engine optimization in SOW:

When switching from an existing own website to our sales optimized website the off-site SEO remains unaffected.

However, we have spent a huge amount of effort making the sales optimized website super search engine optimized. In fact, we have restricted certain customizations in a way so a non-specialist cannot ruin the website’s SEO unwillingly.

This website is built with these goals in mind:
– Online sales
– User experience
– Personalization

If it is more important to create a website with your exact vision, many animations and fancy design elements to boost branding and attract a la carte dining prospects, but not really optimized for online sales, security and heavy duty performance… then building a website from scratch might be a better option. 

Changing keywords in SOW

The SOW is a highly effective search and sales optimized website. As everything is automatically generated we don’t have any possibility to give someone access for such purposes.

However, the restaurant may choose their own sub-headline form the site Edit mode >> Staging, like this:

The restaurant should include however some keywords: