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How to customize the Sales Optimized Website (SOW)
Publishing The Menu FAQ section:
How to customize the Sales Optimized Website (SOW)

This website is not about brand building, long story telling or expressing the artistic vision of the web designer.

Every single piece about this website was built to help restaurants convert website visitors into buyers. In particular, the sales optimized website …
… loads super fast
… works great on mobile devices
… ranks well in Google and other search engines
… has an intuitive user experience

Although powerful, the website editor was not built to allow any kind of customization.

If the restaurant considers that online sales are less important, they can create or continue working with their own website according to their own vision. This way they have complete freedom. 

Read here about adding the “See MENU & Order” button to a legacy website.

SOW Personalization options

Find the template settings in the “Site editor”:

From the setting on the left side, it is possible to select a predefined color scheme, the layout of website and the fonts used within the website template, like this:

Go to “Edit mode” to modify the website content, add or remove sections, add photos, etc.

There are 6 default sections (can be personalized but can’t be deleted). 

  • LOGO (select a predefined logo or upload the restaurant’s logo)
  • NAVIGATION (add or remove the sections which will be visible in the website’s navigation bar)
  • STAGING (select the website’s sub-headline title / replace the background image)


External links

SOW is not a website builder where people can do anything – it was designed as a sales optimized website layout. If the restaurant wants food clients to order, there is no reason to send people away to some other websites. And we see no other reason more important than sales.

We strongly recommend to use external links option only for health certificate links or any mission-critical reasons, also to move this section towards the end of the website. In order to keep the visitor-to-client conversion high, avoid sending people on external links as much as possible.

The restaurant’s logo in the sales optimized website

To achieve a high quality we need the logo in vectorial format: AI, EPS, PSD, or SVG.

If it is not available, please contact the designer who created the logo to provide it. This should be possible as any logo is initially created in a vectorial format before it is converted into an image file. Alternatively, a logo could be recreated in vectorial format from the image file by your designer.

A generic food graphic & restaurant name as logo is available it the restaurant doesn’t have a logo. 

Changing the language in SOW:

There is a language selector at the top of the sales optimized website – edit page.  

There it is possible to select and edit the languages for the sales optimized website’s content.

The website will automatically detect which language is best for the website visitor (based on the browser setting for opening websites).

3rd party email, what happens to the email addresses

When we connect an existing domain name to the sales optimized website, we import all the existing DNS settings to our nameservers. This means that in theory there should be no interruption of email except for a few minutes. In case however there is a problem with the email after the switch we should be contacted immediately so we can investigate this.

For the avoidance of doubt – we do not offer mailbox hosting, webmail, Imap, Pop3 services or anything similar to get, read, store or send emails.

It is however possible to connect any other email service to this domain name. For example Gmail:

After the purchase of Gsuite (or another email service) they will ask to change the MX records. Please provide us the MX records and we will add them to our nameserver. This is a required step so that the emails are then routed to this email service.

About the website domain

It is possible to use a domain already registered with the sales optimized website, or buy one through our service. 

If you would like to have the domain name registered with another registrar,  simply register it and then buy the sales optimized website service. We will still need to connect the two, so we will need the access details. The technical changes we need to do are: DNS settings import in our system, and changing the nameserver.

If the domain is purchased through us, initially we, as registrar, will have the ownership of the respective domain. However, when canceling the sales optimized website service, we can unlock the domain name so a transfer can be requested. This will be done based on a transfer authorization code provided by us, however, it is still necessary to purchase the transfer from another registrar for example here:

Please note that the domain name is not eligible for transfer within 60 days after purchasing. 

Sales optimized website for multi-location restaurants

For highly localized sales targeting, advertising, promotions and SEO reasons it would be good to buy the SOW service from us for each location, each location having a separate domain (e.g. Each website can act as a landing website for the clients attracted online with precision selling techniques, via various targeted online activities. The restaurant may also need a website where they present group things and list all locations, thus linking (or not) to each individual location site. In such setup, we are not able to provide the group website, the restaurant needs to build it on its own. 

For online sales conversion and SEO purpose in each location, our sales optimized website will be great. For centralized location search and discovery purposes a custom website would be a better choice.

When a restaurant operates in more than one location, the best is to sign-up and create a restaurant account per each location.

Why: because each location may have different working hours, different delivery policies and minimum fees to apply, sometimes even some menu items may be available in one location but will not be available or may have been sold-out in another one, etc.

What does this mean on the backstage: this means that each location has its own separate login account, its own profile in the admin area configured, its own menu and consistently a separate orders taking device for receiving orders. 

Cloning a menu from one restaurant account to another is also possible from our back-end, on request.